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Our Strategies & Goals – Information, Access, Integration and Opportunities

The mission of STEMsCO is built on a belief that 1) strength in pre-K through 12 education is the key to STEM literacy, and 2) pre-K through 12 programs will succeed only within a collaborative environment that includes students, teachers, administrators, parents, and the myriad of partners across the STEM pipeline. Based on this belief, STEMsCO has developed the following strategies and goals for its Year 1-3 work.

Leveraging Community Partnerships: Creating a centralized hub for STEM information, resources and partnership opportunities.
Increasing Teacher Development: Increasing teacher access to training and experiences that increase STEM learning pre-K through 12.
Enhancing Student Experiences: Facilitating the development and implementation of pre-K through 12 embedded core and STEM extra-curricular activities.
Building a Sustainable STEMsCO: Developing the structure, capacity and financial sustainability to meet the demands of the STEMsCO mission.

History and Structure

In Summer 2013, as a result of discussions held by Colorado Springs STEM Consortium members and in conjunction with opportunities identified during the Colorado Legacy Foundation state-wide STEM Roadmap project, discussions were initiated between Falcon School District 49 and Colorado Springs School District 11 to develop a collaborative effort aimed at 1) strengthening pre-K through 12 STEM education in the Pikes Peak Region, and 2) engaging the broader community in the implementation of meaningful STEM education and experiences – in and out of the classroom. D-49 STEM Coordinator Dianne Kingsland was tasked with the development of an implementation plan for the STEM of Southern Colorado project (STEMsCO).

On a parallel path, D-49 (in partnership with Yuma School District 1) gained state approval for the Colorado Digital BOCES (CD BOCES) – the first BOCES authorized in Colorado in 27 years. Noting the overlap between the strategic objectives of the CD BOCES and STEMsCO (collaboration and access to further high quality education), the CD BOCES board approved the creation of STEMsCO under the legal umbrella of CD BOCES. As of Fall 2013, final approval by CD BOCES of a STEMsCO strategic plan and a process outlining the working relationship and accountability guidelines are in process.

Our Mission

STEMsCO leverages community partnerships to equip educators and learners with the information, resources, tools and opportunities needed to propel pre-K through 12 students toward STEM excellence. STEMsCO fulfills its mission by establishing strong, mutually beneficial partnerships within and between pre-K through 20 education, Industry, the Nonprofit sector and the community at large.

Contact Us

Dianne Kingsland
Executive Director


STEMsCO Board Members

Scott Fast, President  – (National Strategist for Innovate+Educate)
Nikki Lester, Vice President – (Falcon D49 – Career Tech Education Director)
Henry Baird, Representative – (National Defense Industry Association)
Scott Campbell, Partnering District Representative – (Widefield D3 – School District Superintendent)
Tim Kistler, Partnering District Representative – (Peyton 23JT – School District Superintendent)
Brett Ridgway, Partnering District Representative – (Falcon D49 – Chief Financial Officer)
Phil Tinsley, Representative – (Pikes Peak Community College Scholarship Foundation Board Member)