The purpose of eleSTEMary is to promote a greater STEM education awareness among elementary educators as they work to incorporate 21st century skills contributing to the preparation of scientifically and technologically literate citizens and future workforce.

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The Colorado Springs Science Center Project

We’re building a landmark, leading-edge science and technology center targeting, stimulating, and inspiring the inquisitive mind in all of us, centered in a 60,000 sq. ft., energy-efficient, “living” structure, located within or near downtown Colorado Springs.  This modern museum, will be an exciting place to explore learn about, and engage with the science that surrounds all of us every day.  It will also be home to a sustainable, collaborative, socially engaged organization managing a dynamic network of science and technology-related programming that reaches out across the breadth of our community.

Other Resources

Science Discovery University of Colorado Boulder

Colorado Collaborative for Girls in STEM

What is STEMLink?

STEMLink is a match making system in which educators and industry can come together based on their needs. Each educator and industry leader can create a profile that contains the information needed for a successful match. You can search each other, you can create saved searches and even be notified when someone new has joined that matches our saved criteria. You can also simply click “Request A Match” and fill out the match form and you will be notified of potential matches as they arise.

Come Join US!

To participate, please visit http://www.mySTEMLink.com.







Various STEM efforts in Colorado.

http://www.coloradoplc.org/stem.  The site is supported by the BOCES, CDE, and eNetColorado and in light of the article today in the Denver Post talking about the need to collaborate across the various initiatives we offer the use of this online learning community as one way the various STEM initiatives in Colorado can share information and collaborate.

NSSTI is working to establish research caliber telescopes on the Summit of Pikes Peak that will be remotely operated from a location in Colorado Springs. NSSTI is also working on establishing an “Edge of Space Exploration” program for k-12 students that will use high altitude weather balloons to carry student experiments to approximately 100,000 feet and safely returning their experiments to Earth for examination.

www.bricks4kidz.com/cos-pikespeak Bricks4Kidz® is a creative learning enterprise that provides an extraordinary atmosphere for S.T.E.M. EDUCATION through the use of LEGO® bricks. There are many educational, developmental and social benefits in our approach to learning. These lessons are hidden in fun activities with options for every age level.