Cyber Capture v.2
Cyber Capture v.2

Hardcore Cyber Internship!


Cyber Capture v.2

Internship Includes:

  • 12 Online Cyber Courses (~1 hour each)
  • 5-hour Live Cyber Event at an SOC in Colorado Springs (August 4th-13th)
  • Internship with the Pros while Working Alongside College Students
  • Cyber Certificate for Completion


Product Description

SPORTS EVENTS and advertisers are always targets for hacking, but this activity peaks around a large sporting event such as the IAAF in London this summer. The Sports ISAO, headquartered in Colorado Springs, is a group of organizations working to detect infiltration and stop these intrusions. Cyber hunting is a growing field, understaffed and that’s where this Cyber Resilience Institute/STEMsCO program comes in. This program will give the participating high school student insight and working knowledge of how such major sporting events are protected from hackers wishing to do harm.